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Pick a shop that:

  • Has been in business for at least 5 years
  • Is Properly Licensed/Certified
  • Has a good reputation with previous customers
  • Guarantee's their work in writing
  • Is Properly equiped
  • Has Trained/Certified Technicians
  • Clearly has YOUR interests in mind

You should go to a shop where you or a friend or family member has been and trust them to repair the vehicle properly. It is YOUR right to choose, don't give up your rights. Choose a Body Shop You Trust! 

Doing your research on a shop before you need one is a good idea. Going to a shop your insurer recommends is not necessarily a bad idea, however, consumers should be aware that an insurer Direct Repair Program (DRP), shops give that insurer concessions on labor rates, paint & material rates, parts discounts, and other services in order to be on the program, and have insurer's "steer" work to their shops.

Quality Shop 


Notice:Don't let your insurance company force you into using one of their repair shops. In Michigan, you are allowed to go to the repair shop of your choice! Some companies use high-pressure techniques to try to get you to one of their recommended repair shops. However, you may end up paying more out of pocket and the repair may be a lower quality overall.

Quality Repair